The Avengers Bootleg DVD Subtitles, Just a Little Off

Aug 30

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Funny Avengers incorrect subtitles

Example 1:
Subtitle: "I will turn on"
Actual Line: "Let me put you on hold"

We came across this little gem today and thought we'd share. Here's an excerpt:

"For some reason Asian bootleg DVDs feature poorly translated subtitles (often referred to as 'Engrish subtitles' by people less scared of seeming racist than me), often with amazing results. So I decided to buy one of these illegal pirated copies to see if I could unearth some linguistic treasures. I set my sights on The Avengers. What follow are screengrabs of the funniest incidences of language failure, with the correct lines of dialogue underneath. Enjoy!"

You can read the full article and see all the photo examples here.

So you're taking a bit of a gamble with those DVDs, but not to worry, you can be the first to get (or stream) yours when it officially releases. You can find more details about that little secret (including a 40% discount) in one of our other artilces, here.

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