By WhatWatchNow on 5/3/2013 9:37 AM

Mad Men Season 6 (2013) StreamingOne of the great dichotomies in "Instant Streaming" is that it's usually not so instant. I mean, once the streaming providers finally get the TV show or Movie you want to see you can stream it instantly, but that usually comes at least a year or so after the title is released. So you have to wait a year or more to watch "instantly".

But in a move I am so excited to see, AMC bucks the trend and releases the current season, yep, the current season 6 (2013) for truly instant streaming.

Find out where you can start watching "instantly" by clicking the Read More link below!

By WhatWatchNow on 9/7/2012 8:26 AM

20th Century FoxFox is looking to boost movie downloads by releasing them earlier than the physical DVDs. How much earlier, which will be the first movie, how much will it save you, and where can you get them? Read on...


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